Weaning and fattening of animals

We are responsible for a key process for the optimal growth of calves

How do we work?

Our facilities include the latest technological advances that allow us to carry out a professional and excellent weaning for the subsequent fattening.

What do our clients receive?

Strong and healthy animals thanks to farms with high animal well-being and an upturn in their economic results.

The process
Before the entry
Rigorous cleaning and disinfection
Inspection of facilities
Disinfection of trucks
At the entrance
Optimum verification of animal health
Permanent control of the health status of the farms
Superior Sanitary Qualification
Strict control of animal documentation
Fattening phase
Professionalism in the treatment of animals
Optimum farmer skill control
Efficient control of drinkable water
Continuous supervision by a team of veterinarians
Program of periodic inspections in farms
Balanced diet for each type of animal
Animal load
Animal selection
Supervised load for animal welfare