Import center

We import European suckling calf cattle

How do we work?

We work with partners in other countries to obtain the best calves according to the season and the market situation.

What do our customers receive?

Healthy animals that meet the required characteristics, and our advice, commitment and continuity before, during and after the service.


Where do we import from?


The center

As our experience in the trade and feeding-rearing of calves evolved, the INTPORMONT SL company emerged, which boasts an Import Centre and Staging Point. Thanks to our good work ethics, it has become a key reference in the sector, both at a national and international level.

Our attitude and commitment guarantee the satisfaction of our clients:

  • Thorough ID tracking
  • Total control of the loading system and transport of specially equipped vehicles
  • Strict respect for animal well-being
  • Permanent display of suckling calves and pastures in the Import Centre
  • Total compliance with health and hygiene guarantees